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Your Chosen IT System Integrator

TT Network Integration Asia Pte Ltd (TTNI-A) is an Information Technology System Integrator and the Singapore-based subsidiary of  Toyota Tsusho Group. TTNI-A was established in 2002, having over 15 years of knowledgeable experience in the industry. Singapore has been the regional headquarter, where we have been providing solutions for businesses and organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

Main Customers

  1. Toyota Motor Asia Pacific
  2. Toyotsu Syscom Corporation
  3. Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  4. Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


  1. Toyota Tsusho Corporation
  2. Toyota Systems Corporation
  3. Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  4. Toyotsu Syscom Corporation

Network Integration Consultancy Expertise

Having started out as a developer in IT infrastructure, providing global WAN management with 24×7 support and monitoring, as well as application development for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), we have built a solid foundation of technical ingenuity and system development that serve as one of our core strengths over the years.

Today, we provide an extensive range of IT system integration solutions such as:

As we tailor our services according to your requirements, we assure you that we can manage all businesses.
We make IT work. Contact us here to know more about our solutions.

Our Company Infrastructure

TTNI-A is divided into various departments which are dedicated to niche expertise to ensure not only a seamless holistic approach, but due professional quality in our solutions.

Corporate Department
  • Manages ownership of the Company
  • Ensures process is applied across the board for goals to be focused, aligned, integral and accountable
Transformation Solution Department
  • Manages application solutions and services
Infrastructure Solution Department
  • Manages primary integration solutions and IT requirements


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