Our Portfolio

Robotic Process Automation


Companies require to process more than 250 invoices and look to implement an automation solution that needs to:

  • Perform the routine business process
  • Handle complex set of data merging and conversion for their accounting system
  • Ensure retention of data integrity

Solution & Conclusive Benefits


  • Automate routine tasks such as mail merging, sending email, and data manipulation
  • Eliminate related human quality and interpretation errors
  • Facilitate bulk email sending
  • 88.5% reduction of human effort
  • Tasks are always done on schedule and with a 100% accuracy
  • Allows employees to focus more on value-added work and optimise the overhead
  • 40-60% time savings across tier-1 IT applications maintenance support

Scale of Solution

Our automation solution has been implemented regionally to any and all companies in need of reducing manmade errors and maximising mechanical efficiency.