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Warehouse Management System


The previous warehouse management system only tracks inventory quantity. It poses other several disadvantages such as:

  • Unable to trace a location
  • Unable to verify actual recipient by scanning
  • Inflexible in interfacing of data with customers’ multiple in-house system

Solution & Conclusive Benefits

TT-Logix VMI (Warehouse Management System)

  • Flexible receiving function that allows users to do stock receiving by Pallet, Box, or Pcs
  • Barcode and QR code validation for physical stock to avoid wrong inventory input
  • Location tracking of individual item
  • Warehouse location suggestion to put the pallet stock close to the outgoing lane, reducing process time
  • Real-time inventory tracking with centralised VMI system for the supplier
  • Supplier label standardisation for the customer’s ease of warehouse receiving operation
  • Standardised interface for data sharing between TT-Logix VMI and multiple in-house system

Scale of Solution

These solutions were implemented for 3 to 6 months per site. They were applied in Australia, Thailand, and in four sites in Europe, while another implementation will soon occur in China.