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Looking for a Global Helpddesk in Singapore? Our Helpdesk Support has been trained to adequately provide first level technical support to resolve common WAN, LAN and user-interface problems.

 With TTNI-A being an Asia-Pacific IT Hub for Automobile Companies and their affiliates:

  • CONVERSATIONS in major Asian languages and
  • COOPERATION with major Asian telecommunication players

We have become essential and value-added to our service customers.

All team members are able to converse effectively in at least 1 Asian language, and our working relationship with the incumbent telco in Singapore has been highly prolific.

At present, the helpdesk support functions include:

Global helpdesk

WAN performance monitoring

  • Carries out WAN monitoring of more than 30 locations across more than 10 Asian countries for Automobile companies and groups.
  • Using sophisticated network monitoring devices, real-time network conditions are captured and displayed prominently onto large plasma monitor displays.
Global helpdesk Singapore

LAN support

  • Provides LAN support including firewall monitoring and analysis for Automobile Companies, groups and their affiliates.

Support Servives and Maintenance

Provides well-established structure for Support Services and Maintenance.

  • Monitoring Services
    Manage monitoring systems of devices and ensure network layer aliveness. We primarily provide notification when the monitored device is in a non-operational state as well. Read more in our IT Management solutions
  • Case Management Services
    Manage submitted issues, enquiries and change requests, ensuring that each case progress status is being tracked.
  • Routine Maintenance Tasks Services
    Perform various daily routines, as well as weekly and monthly tasks, to ensure smooth delivery of operations.

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