Our Services

TTNI-A offers complete system integration for networking solutions such as design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring.

In helping our customers build a solid network infrastructure, we also provide IT management services that consist of:

  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Monitoring
  • Onsite Troubleshooting
  • Coordination with multiple Vendors

In short, TTNI-A provides a single point of contact that speeds up identifying and troubleshooting the problem. TTNI-A’s end-to-end integration and management services provide for continuity of a complete network solution. With many different programs to choose from, our onsite maintenance service provides a hands-on approach to resolving maintenance issues.

Services provided:



  • Two types of monitoring namely: Availability Monitoring and Resource Monitoring, which enables flexibility for our customers to choose the level of service best suited to their business needs.
  • Our reliable 24×7 monitoring system is equip with real time, email and GSM notification, serving as a proactive action support to our valued customers.

IT Backup & Security

  • Provides various IT backup solutions and security services, including development of backup procedures.
  • Supplies tape rotation services that store tape backup in remote places

Server Maintenance

  • TTNI-A provides a full range of IT support service maintenance, supporting various OS (operating system) platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, as well as network applications such as e-mail, proxy, web server and others
  • Satisfies the full range of customer’s technical requirements, including 24×7 mission-critical system support

Network Maintenance

  • Provides comprehensive Network device maintenance to help manage customer’s entire IT systems environment.
  • Network device uptime can be integrated with TTNI-A proactive monitoring service, to ensure optimal availability of customer mission critical IT system.

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