Our Solutions

TTNI-A’s data centre is located in Singapore within the City Area, one of the most advanced communication hubs and mission critical office centres in the Asia-Pacific area. TTNI-A’s world-class facilities include fully redundant connectivity backed by the level of unparalleled service, support and security you can expect for your business.

World-Class Facilities

  • Two different power feed lines installed from electric power company, and two generators (2 x 1.5MVA) that can run at full capacity for 24 hours with emergency refuelling as needed
  • Fully backed up UPS power capable of supporting up to 20 minutes operation
  • N+1 cooling Precision Air conditioners to control the temperature and humidity
  • FM200 fire suppression system in place to minimize the loss in case of fire
  • Raised access floor system with static prevention material and water leakage detection
  • Secure facility with strict surveillance of visitors and limited access to data centre

Fully-Redundant Connectivity

  • Redundant connections to internet backbone
  • Redundant fibre connections on diverse physical paths
  • Carrier neutral environment with redundant telecom and fibre providers in near future

Available Services

  • Co-location services, including equipment rack and 1st level of maintenance
  • System integration Services
  • Operation and maintenance services, including server and network administration

With the ever-developing business of TTNI-A, we are expecting to provide more value-added services for our data centre customers in the future, which will include:

  • Managed Security Services (Firewall)
  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Back-up Solution Services 

Our focus is on providing the highest quality of service at our facility, where we are proud to have intelligent and professional network technicians and support staff. The equipment in our data centre will be continuously monitored 24×7, giving the required stability for the businesses of our valued customers.